SNL: Mokiki

From last night’s SNL, The story of Mokiki and how his Sloppy Swish is taking over the city.

  • sam

    weoooo! im gonna start doing the sloppy swish from now on :)

    • Stuff I Stole

      All the cool kids, and medical experiment rejects are doing it!

  • kimmydee

    Funniest thing i have seen on SNL in a long time! I have to go now, time to do the sloppy swish!

  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for the clips, SSFTI. I couldn’t watch the show last night, because I was stuck working late in my office at DISH. As much as I wanted to see Anne’s third appearance, I wasn’t worried about missing the show because it’s available at the next day. I just got finished with the episode and I thought it was great, but my favorite skit had to be Mokiki; I think we could all learn from him and his dancing ways. I’m doing the Sloppy Swish right now!