The Best Stuff Of The Week: 10/16-10/23

Here is your weekly roundup of the best stuff stolen from the internet this past week. You can click on the titles to go to the individual posts.

Pebble Stealing Penguin:
A penguin is trying to build his love shack while another low-life, thief penguin steals the hard working, romantic’s pebbles for his own. I think karma in the shape of a killer whale will be arriving soon.

Stolen from Daily Picks & Flicks

Awesome Mexican Restaurant Name:

Stolen from Pleated-Jeans

Like Mah Status:
A tribute video to all of those Facebook posts out there asking people to hit the like button. (NSFW: Language)

Stolen from The Daily

The Ultimate Game of Guess Who:
Smart move not choosing a fiddle contest. (NSFW: Evil language)

Stolen from Tastefully Offensive

Beyonce Lets Fan Sing:
Put some autotune on that crap and sign her immediately.

Stolen from Daily Picks And Flicks

Police Academy’s Michael Winslow Does Led Zeppelin:
Michael Winslow, the guy that did all of those whacky sound effects to trick criminals and get his fellow cops out of sticky situations in the Police Academy movies, brings his amazing vocal abilities to the Norwegian talk show Senkveld med Thomas og Harald to lay down an impressive Led Zeppelin tribute.

Stolen from The Daily

Ellen Degeneres Scares Steve Harvey:
Steve Harvey, host of the Family Feud, was on the Ellen Degeneres show and was telling a story about how when he gets scared his body reacts in a violent manner and someone is likely to get hurt. So Ellen scares him. Does he really react like he said he does? No. No he does not.

Stolen from The FW

Facebook Voicemails From Mom:
Bryan’s mom is new to Facebook and she is having a little trouble figuring it out, so she does what every parent does when they’re having problems with something on the computer: call their kids.

Stolen from Irene’s Internet

Don’t Pass Out In Your Friend’s Garage:
I would have loved to have been there when he woke up.

Stolen from Buzzfeed

Bro Eats World’s Hottest Pepper:
Didn’t see that coming. (NSFW: Language)

Dare To Fight A Ninja?:
If a ninja dares you to fight, it’s best to just walk away.

Stolen from Buzzfeed

LOLoween: Light Display Set To LFMAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”:
God help you if you live next to this guy.

Stolen from Laughing Squid

Video Resume:
Meet George Turnbull, a man that wants to be your next employee.

Stolen from Irene’s Internet

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