Stolen from College Humor

How Not To Drain A Pool

Escalator Girl

A girl decides to take the hard way up a busy escalator.

Stolen from Bits & Pieces

Giving the people what they want.

Stolen from Buzzfeed

Slinkys On A Treadmill

Everyone loves a slinky! You gotta get a slinky! Slinky! Slinky! Go Slinky, go!

Stolen from Unique Daily

One of the most prestigious world records has just been shattered. Two girls slap each other in the face with pizza slices over and over again, shattering the previous record of who knows.

Stolen from Unique Daily

A pretty basic question, unless you’re not from America, during the early stages of “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader”. How many feet are in 2.5 yards? Here is a hint, it’s not 352. The craziest thing about this clip is that the girl still doesn’t know if she is wrong until Jeff Foxworthy specifically tells her she is wrong.

Stolen from Video Gum

Skateboard Egg Launch

Everything went eggactly as planned.

Stolen from Unique Daily

Balloon of Fire

An awesome party trick is to fill a balloon with flammable gas and then light it on fire. Nothing will go wrong, because the idea is too good.

Stolen from Unique Daily