How The Hobbit Should Have Ended
How The Avengers Should Have Ended

A Very Portal Christmas

Stolen from Geeks Are Sexy

HomemadePortal Gun

An impressive video of homemade Portal gun.

Stolen from Best of YouTube

Portal Sidwalk Chalk Art

A chalk Portal drawn by James Stowe in a park.

Stolen from Geeks Are Sexy

GLaDOS from the Portal series has infiltrated the new iPhone 4S’ Siri programming and taken over. It’s like the regular Siri, except it makes you feel bad. Perfect.

Stolen from The Daily Geeks

It’s called Mari0, and it looks awesome. A free game being developed by Stab Yourself that combines Super Mario and Portal into an explosion of awesome.

Stolen from Have You Seen This?!

Portal: No Escape

Here is an amazing fan made video for the game Portal. Watch it in HD.

Stolen from Geekologie

Dorkly continues their awesome series of old school video game characters with a portal gun. First was Super Mario, then Link, and now Mega Man. I hope these videos keep coming, because I love them.

Stolen from Dorkly

Pool Portal IRL

Now you’re swimming with Portals

Stolen from Pleated-Jeans

Want to get your hands on one of those sweet automatic turrets from Portal? Now you can (Not really)! Protect your loved ones with a personalized and stylish auto turret.

Stolen from Kotaku