After talking with KOIN 6 News about jogging in the snow, this couple took off and didn’t get very far.

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Roller Blading Tow Fall

Everything was going so well too… right up until the dismount. Don’t worry though, chicks dig American flag shorts and a little road rash.

When Trust Falls Go Bad

Trust Fall Fail
Trust Fall Attack

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Rope Swinger Gets Foot Caught

Double back flip dismount to remount is one of the highest level of difficulty rope swing tricks.

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Turns out that ice stuff can get pretty slippery. Better be careful guys, you never know who will be the next victim of THE ICE.

A collection of some of the biggest slips, falls and fails from girls this year. (NSFW: Language)

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(NSFW: Language)

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Double Back Flip Back Flop

Nailed it.

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