Chicago vs Chicago

Nick Offerman and Craig Robertson discuss the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox in the latest rivalries campaign from New Era.

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Who’s On Third?

Minor League Guy has been putting up some good numbers, but he has a long way to go before he catches up with What’s His Face.

Stolen from 22 Words

“Moneyball” is a recently released movie about the Oakland A’s, a baseball team that had no money to spend and how it was able to overcome that enormous obstacle. What if the movie was based off the NY Yankees, baseball’s far and away biggest spender. Take a look at the trailer for “Too Much Moneyball”.

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Got Heeeem

In a commercial for Showtime’s new series, “The Franchise”. SF Giants pitcher Brian Wilson explains a new catch phrase that will eventually sweep the nation. It’s a little something for when papa’s feeling delicious.

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At last night’s Mets, Astros game, a man runs out on to the field and the escapes like a drunk batman.

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