Someone with a lot of talent and time on their hand recreates the ‘Gangnam Style’ music video using flipbooks.

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I think this baby must be 1/4 of the billion views Gangnam Style has received to be able to learn the dance moves so well.

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Gangnam Style Karate

It’s your classic Gangnam Style diversion tactic. Works every time.

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A huge collection of the different Gangnam Style parody videos that fans have made.

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Russian Gangnam Style

Ukrainian pop star Verka Serduchka’s ‘Hop Hop’ mashed up with PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’.

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Here is #2 in what I’m sure will be a long list of Gangnam Style Christmas light displays. Tell us in the comments who you think did it better, this one or the first one.

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Of course this year’s best Christmas light display will be set to Gangnam Style.

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Some older folks sit down and watch ‘Gangnam Style’ and give their thoughts.

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10-month-old Benjamin won’t eat his lunch unless he gets to listen to the soothing sounds of Gangnam Style, which seem to put him into some sort of hypnotic trance.

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