Jo just had her new cochlea implants turned on allowing her to hear for the very first time.

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A melody of 43 cartoon theme songs. How many can you name?

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Tornado of FIRE

Unfortunately, the soundtrack for this isn’t metal enough to encapsulate the awesomeness of a tornado of fire.

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High-Five Cam

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Surprised commuters see ‘unbelievable’ augmented reality experiences at a bus shelter on New Oxford Street in London.

Watch their reactions as unbelievable scenarios unfold before their very eyes; from a giant robot crashing through the street to a passer by being abducted by flying saucers.

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Insane 600FT Rope Swing

Mike Wilson and Andrew Kirkpatrick have traveled to South Africa to build the most insane rope swing bungee jump. Ever. This one plunges 600ft straight down into the Magwa Falls gorge and and features four seconds of pure, hair-raising free fall.

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Scott Young, puts his life on the edge of a 40 story building.

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Brodie Smith takes his Frisbee trick shots to Butler’s Hinkle Fieldhouse and h.h. gregg.

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The Mast Walk

Solo round the world yachtsman Alex Thomson performs a daring feat on board his high-speed yacht, HUGO BOSS: He climbs up the 30-meter high mast of the moving vessel and dives into the ocean.


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