The Best Things Of The Week: 1/31-2/6

Here is your weekly roundup of the best stuff stolen from the internet this past week. You can click on the titles to go to the individual posts.

Dirty Dishes:
Kyle won’t do the dishes and it’s starting to piss everyone off.

Stolen from Unique Daily

Cat Spazzing Out On Climbing Tree:
This cat has had a little too much catnip and starts tweaking out on this climbing tree at lightspeed. Better than the arm of the couch, amirite cat owners?

Stolen from Have You Seen This?!

Surprise Haircut On Girlfriend Prank:
A great prank to pull on the lady in your life, if you no longer want them in your life. This guy buys a hair extension at the mall that matches his girlfriends hair, and uses it to trick his girlfriend into thinking she lost a chunk of her own hair.

Stolen from Unique Daily

The Newest Video Game Console: uMove:
Check it out folks, the latest video game revolution is here. It’s called the uMove and it’s going to change the way you play video games for ever!

Stolen from Julian Smith

Closing Time: Tiny Dog Plowing Through Big Snow:

Stolen from Buzzfeed

Sleepy Cat:
Tired cat gets hit by a tranq dart.

Stolen from Viral Viral Videos

Red Head Toddlers & Tiaras:
This little sweetheart explains the benefits of her red hair. How cute.

Stolen from The Daily

Heavy Metal Lego Lumberjack:
A Lego lumberjack’s axe is granted mystical powers by a freak lightning storm. Awesome.

Stolen from Viral Viral Videos

Jesus Christ Pokemon Theme:
A remixed version of the Pokemon theme song. This is how you get the kids to church. Bonus Final Fantasy VII battle scene during the end credits for some reason.

Stolen from Buzzfeed

Guitar Hero On A Bike On Expert:
Freddie calls it Bike Hero, I call it awesome. How does it feel!?

Canʼt tell you how many times it took to make this work, but…. oh, wait, yes I can – ONE. Because I’m actually GOOD at Bike Hero.

Sent By Chuck

Ducklings Trying To Climb Stairs:
For some reason, I think ducklings overcoming adversity is cute and hilarious.

Stolen from Buzzfeed

Ferd F-Teenthousand Truck Commercial:
You want a truck that’s going to show the world that there is a whale-totin’, horse-eatin’, SOB of a man driving this thing? You need the Ferd F-Teenthousand. A ford truck parody commercial(Maybe NSFW for some real man talk, son)

Stolen from Urlesque

Snow Dive Faceplant:
Something tells me this isn’t how he planned this going. His friends seem entertained though.

Stolen from College Humor

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