The Best Stuff Of The Week: 10/9-10/16

Here is your weekly roundup of the best stuff stolen from the internet this past week. You can click on the titles to go to the individual posts.

Job Interview:
Turns out the trick for nailing the perfect interview is to make the interviewer hate you so much they just can’t wait to hire you.

Stolen from Tastefully Offensive

V-Neck Guys:
Andy Samberg and Ben Stiller take their V-Neck game to the next level.

Sorry if this video is unavailable in your location, if you have a YouTube version, send it.

Bear Cubs Fall Out Of Hammock:
These two little black bear cubs have discovered what humans have known for years: Hammocks are awesome, and gravity sucks.

Stolen from Urlesque

Milou The Spinning Baby Chimp:
Spin, be adorable, fall, repeat.

Stolen from SayOMG

Apple Announces Plans To Release Steve Jobs 2:
A bold move by Apple, the Steve Jobs 2 should be out next spring, and you know I’m going to be the first in line.

Stolen from Laughing Squid

Insane Footage Of A Mountain Biker Getting Taken Out By Buck:
Meanwhile in Africa… Mountain Biker, Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa is riding through some tall grass when suddenly a Red Hartebeest comes into the frame and puts a massive tackle down. Afterwards Evan appears to be a little shaken up, but okay.

Sent by Troy! Troy also adds “I wish the buck had a helmet camera too, that would be some good footage.”

Christopher Columbus vs Captain Kirk Rap Battle:
The famous captain’s battle it out for bragging rights in this “Epic Rap Battle of History”. (NSFW: Language)

Soccer Playing Lion:

Stolen from Tastefully Offensive

Straight Outta Dunwoody:
Bringing hardcore rap to suburb life.

Stolen from Viral Viral Videos

Elevator Base Jump:
Douggs, Carlos and Dario jump a few barriers to hitch a ride on an elevator on outside of the Hotel Bali from Benidorm in Spain, which takes them hundreds of feet into the air. After a brief moment to soak in the view, the trio then fearlessly base jumps to the street below.

Stolen from Blame It On The Voices

LOLoween: Kid Kip:
Don’t be jealous because he’s been chatting with babes online, all day.

Stolen from Flavor Wire

The Walken Dead:
The horrifying virus of bad Christopher Walken impersonations. I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is BRRRAAAAIIIIINNNNSSS. (NSFW: Language)

Stolen from Laughing Squid

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