Brits taste American snacks:

Americans taste British snacks:

Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy tells Cecily about the traditions and rituals of Passover.

Officer Kellogg’s D.A.R.E. lecture is derailed by Shallon when she persuades her classmates to do crack.

SNL: CNN Pregnancy Test

SNL: Blue River Dog Food

When you want the best for your dogs, be sure to check the ingredients in their food.

Like Golf. But Crazy.

Stolen from 22 Words

He doesn’t take too kindly to being laughed at.

Stolen from Pleated-Jeans

Twists and turns. Screams of laughter. For 70-year-old Ria, it’s about the thrill of the ride.

Stolen from Devour

Stolen from 22 Words