Turning your co-workers office into a baked potato look-a-like is one way to get them back for taking your last diet coke out of the office fridge. Related prank.

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Taking the hugely popular Portal video game series, and bringing it to the stage sounds difficult, but with some clever choreography and props, it can be done.

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Here is your weekly roundup of the best stuff stolen from the internet this past week. You can click on the titles to go to the individual posts.

Surrogate Mother For Hire:
Having trouble conceiving that baby you want so bad? Let Dolores Santangeli help you realize that dream of parenthood. You won’t be sorry.

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Public Bathroom Oversight:
“Ok, well we got the doors all installed and… Aw, crap.”

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A Toast To Green Lantern:
All of the superheroes from past comic book movies have come to celebrate Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern on his movie finally arriving. Everyone is feeling great and is really happy for the Green Lantern. Well, almost everybody. (NSFW: Language)

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Hey Yeah Yeah:
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe get down.

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Maru The Cat Turns 3:
Maru, the internet’s favorite box-loving cat turns 3 today, which doesn’t mean anything because he’s just a cat. Anyway, to celebrate, Maru’s owner has uploaded a “Best of Maru” video.

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Cat Plays I Spy:
Just a cat and his owner playing a little game of I Spy.

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Woman Has Trouble With Hot Dog:
I’ve seen children falling asleep while eating, but never an adult, and that’s not even the worst of it. Also, a YoutTube commenter helpfully points out that she is dressed like Charlie Brown and has a great pumpkin bag. Bonus funny.

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Cooler Prank:
The same guys that almost got beat up in this hilarious purse prank are back, and this time they are dumping a giant cooler full of air on people.

Motherly Cat Gives Sleeping Kitten A Hug:
Awww… This little kitten is having a nightmare so mom gives him a big hug.

Stolen from The Daily Wh.at

Adorable Kid Loses Camera, Fears For His Life:
A kid takes his camera on his sled, half way down the hill he crashes and his expensive camera is nowhere to be found.

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Remi Gaillard Master Troll:
Remi Gaillard is one of the craziest people ever. Here is a highlight reel of some of the most outrageous, funniest, and sometimes meanest stunts and jokes he has pulled.

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World’s First BMX Triple Back Flip:
An amazing stunt, a BMX triple back flip. I could probably do this too, if I really wanted to.

Stolen from Awsom.tv

So these guys in Alaska are exploring some old abandoned missile silo’s and come across a rope hanging from the ceiling, and like anybody else would, they decide to hang a propane tank from it, light in on fire, and then shoot it.

Stolen from College Humor

The Clay Pigeon Golf Shot

A ton of skill and a little luck are required to make this amazing shot possible. Hitting a golf ball into a clay pigeon. Amazing.

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Invisible Rope Trick

Here is a good way of bring traffic, cars or pedestrian, to a stop. Act like you have a rope, and people will think you have a rope.

Kitten Gamer o’ the Day

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This is a pretty interesting combination for a movie. Cowboys & Aliens. I bet the Indians feel pretty left out. Sorry guys, maybe there will be a sequel.

Based on the graphic novel, this science fiction western stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde as they try to unite to save their town from alien abduction. Don’t let the ridiculous concept of cowboys vs. aliens sway your opinion of this movie. Coming to theaters July 29, 2011

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New Design

If you’re a regular visitor, you probably have already noticed I switched things up a little bit. I’ll probably still be working out all the kinks for a few days, but overall I’m really happy with the change, and I hope you are too. If you notice any problems let me know in the comments section. Thanks.

World’s Biggest Mouth

I know your friend Kevin has a big mouth, I mean, the dude never shuts up, right? He’s got nothing on this guy. Can Kevin fit an entire soda can in his mouth? Didn’t think so.