This is the best thing ever.

Stolen from College Humor

“Game of Thrones” has started using some interesting promotional tactics to get the word out about the show, and they’re working. Ratings for their season premiere were huge. This was partly due to creative marketing campaigns like this one.

Booker T. Washington High School takes a field trip to the Norfolk Zoo and Principal Frye tries to keep the students in line.

With the season four premiere of Game of Thrones upon us, author George R.R. Martin stops by Update to tell Cecily about writing the last two books in the series.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stops by the Update desk to tell Colin about her work with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

SNL: French Dance

A dance party breaks out in a hip French cafe on this episode of “Les Jeunes de Paris.”

Stolen from Kotaku

Ray Romano Sings

Invite one of America’s top comedians back into your home; this time, on your stereo.

Mary Kay is perhaps the most trusted name in female beauty, so of course Conan is a natural choice to sell their products.

Samuel L. Jackson stopped by The Tonight Show to perform a slam poem about the 1990′s sitcom “Boy Meets World.”