World’s Smallest Dog

Anna Pohl’s tiny terrier Meysi is being considered for title of ‘World’s Smallest Dog’.

The teeny terrier Meysi, who weighed about 1.58 ounces at birth, is unwittingly vying for the title of World’s Smallest Living Dog. But her owner Anna Pohl of Jarocin, Poland was not initially sure the cute canine would survive.

Now, three months later, Meysi only weighs about 3.25 ounces, despite constant feeding. Veterinarians do not think Meysi will grow much more, according to Central European News/Europics Photo Agency.

Guinness World Records guidelines specify that dogs must be at least one year old to be recognized as the smallest dog. The organization does not recognize smallest puppy.

Stolen from Daily Picks & Flicks and NY Daily News

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